AJACM 2010 Volume 5 Issue 2

Z Zheng
AJACM 2010;5(2):1
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Guest Editorial
C Zaslawski
AJACM 2010;5(2):2
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A Country Practice: Characteristics of Patients of a Rural Acupuncture Clinic
M Coyle
AJACM 2010;5(2):3-7
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Revised Standards for Reporting Interventions in Clinical Trials of Acupuncture (STRICTA): Extending the CONSORT Statement
H MacPherson, DG Altman, R Hammerschlag, YP Li, TX Wu, A White and D Moher
AJACM 2010;5(2):8-22
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Wen Bing (Warm Diseases) and the 2009 H1N1 Influenza
A Koh
AJACM 2010;5(2):23-29
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Plantar Fasciitis, Another Approach: Using Acupuncture and Looking Beyond the Lower Limb with a Brief Review of Conventional Care - A Case Series
S Janz
AJACM 2010;5(2):30-36
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Treatment of Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) Associated Neuropathy with Acupuncture and Moxibustion: A Case Report
JK Anastasi and M Chang
AJACM 2010;5(2):37-40
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Interview with Professor Wang Juyi, World-Renowned Acupuncturist: Part 1 of 2
J X Liu
AJACM 2010;5(2):41-47
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Current Research and Clinical Applications
Chinese Herbal Formula (PHY906) for Modulation of Chemotherapeutic Agents in Cancer Therapy
Y Shen
Cost Effectiveness of Complementary Medicines: Report by Access Economics for the National Institute of Complementary Medicine, August 2010
J Shergis
AJACM 2010;5(2):48-49
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Research Snapshots
D Betts, SC Lu and Y Wang
AJACM 2010;5(2):50-51
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Book Reviews
An Exposition on the Eight Extraordinary Vessels (Charles Chase and Mika Shima)
C Zaslawski
Essentials of Chinese Medicine (Edited by Liu Zhanwen and Liu Liang)
C Zaslawski
Acupuncture in the Treatment of Pain: An Integrative Approach (Edited by Marcus Backer and Michael G Hammes, Translated by Velia Wortman)
J Deare
AJACM 2010;5(2):52-54
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Conference Reports
Australasian Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine Annual Conference (AACMAC)
P Ferrigno
International Congress on Complementary Medicine Research: Complementary Medicine for the Chronically Ill
B Colaguri and S Grant
AJACM 2010;5(2):55-58
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